Hier vind je geplande workshops, vakanties en ander nieuws.

Workshops Vals Vrijdag 2 augustus

Met Patrick & Alina

19:15 – 20:30
Vals; It’s more then 1,2,3!

Vals has a very dynamic feeling and even though the basics are the same the musical invitation is very different from tango. In this workshop we will explain shortly the basic rhythm and theory of vals and then move on to 1 or more creative and dynamic figures.

Workshop Milonga Vrijdag 2 augustus

Met Patrick & Alina

20:30 – 21:45
Milonga; Play and laugh!

Milonga is the happy little sister of tango for a reason. In this workshops we will work in a gradual way shortly touching the basic technique and moving on to the more playful ways of dancing. In the end we will give you the tools necessary to relax and play on your own interpretation of the music.

Prijzen workshops

1 workshop €17,50
2 workshops €34,-         

Patrick & Alina geven ook een dans demonstratie tijdens de salon.

Vanwege de verjaardag van Anita is de entree gratis.