Welcome at Tango Centro

Tango Centro is a dance studio specialized in Argentine Tango.

In the lessons we emphasize improvisation, so it is not about learning steps in a specific order. Instead you learn how to dance by means of leading and following.
Doing so makes every dance an exciting one with endless possibilities and styles.

The dance can be elegant, but also daring, playful or intimate. In principle the man leads, but how better the dancers, how more unclear it becomes who leads and who follows. This makes Tango an attractive dance for dancers of all ages. This is also seen in the lessons, there are people in the age of twenty to seventy and off course everything in between.

You can also subscribe without a danceparner. When you subscribe without a partner you will be placed on the waitinglist untill more people from the opposite role register. Registration from the waiting list will be processed on date (oldest registration will be first).

Don't want to be on the waiting list? Find yourself a dancepartner. In your surroundings, but maybe at one of the trial classes. Or take a look in our Facebook group: Tango Centro Tango Partner You can find a partner there for the classes or workshops at Tango Centro.

Alle the classes and salons/milongas are at Lange Poten 27


Lessen & proeflessen

Tot nader order zijn we gesloten. Je kunt je wel vast aanmelden voor een proefles. Kosten:  €10,- per persoon.

Wil je meedoen, meld je dan even aan via het formulier, dan nemen wij contact op over de mogelijke datum.

Corona Nieuws

Update  14 december:

We moeten helaas weer sluiten.

Zodra er nieuws is vind je het hier.


Upcoming milongas and practice nights at Tango Centro

Op dit moment zijn er nog geen salons of oefenavonden gepland.